Decided to get married? Congratulations! But now the hard part comes into play – planning the actual wedding.

Many people are terrified of this process as it comes with detailed planning, and a lot of stress. 

When is the wedding season? How many guests should I have? Which venue should I go with? And much more.

However, planning a wedding doesn’t need to be intimidating at all. Not if you do it properly and consider all aspects in a timely fashion. If you can follow these few steps, you are sure to have the most successful and memorable wedding possible.

That being said, let’s look at the most important things to consider now that you’ve decided to tie the knot.

Wedding Season

Wedding season is important to consider when deciding to get married. It usually lasts during the months that lay between late spring and early fall. You can have a wonderful spring wedding with blossoming trees outdoors or an early fall wedding with beautiful autumn leaf-covered trees instead.

Each season will impact your wedding differently and will affect the dress code, venue selection, and photographs.

Brainstorm & Plan

Now that you know the differences in wedding seasons, it’s time to brainstorm and actually plan the wedding. Do you want a spring, summer, or fall wedding?

If you prefer cool weather, and an autumn aesthetic, the fall months of September, October, or early November would be best for your preferred wedding.

If you want flowers to be blooming and longer evenings, then the spring peak months of May & June may be best suited for you. Lastly, if you want peak summer and it to be very hot (best for island/beach-themed weddings) the summer of July & August would be best.

Or, perhaps you want to go off-season and go for a winter wonderland wedding, which is perfectly fine and can be magical. Those would be more of the late November – December, January & February months.

You also have other aspects to consider as well. Tasks like figuring out your venue are very important as you usually have to begin planning about 8 to 18 months in advance in order to reserve your date and venue on average.

Be sure to note that if you want an outdoor ceremony, you will still need to reserve a venue for your reception.

During the brainstorm and planning phase, it’s also time to think of how many guests you’re going to have. Is it a small wedding with just a few guests, a medium one with around 50 or a large 250 guests wedding? 

Thinking about the size of your guest lists will impact which venue you select or outdoor setting (chairs, tables, etc).

After you figure all of that out, it is best to lock in an exact date & time ASAP so that you can get invitations out and ensure individuals that you cherish be at the ceremony can be in attendance.


Finances are an important aspect of planning your wedding. Looking into your savings and deciding how much you want to allocate for your wedding is key to planning everything. Your wedding depends on your preferences but on your budget as well.

Here you might think about asking for family help as well. 

Some of your family members and those of your partner might be happy to chip in for your wedding as a wedding gift.

Getting Help

A wedding planner can be a great idea for those of you who want a larger wedding, although small weddings use just as much of, if not more of, the assistance.

A wedding planner will come with the skills to help you with choosing a date, finding a venue, doing the guest list, calling and booking, catering, florists, lighting, and much more.

If you can’t afford a wedding planner search the web – there are numerous resources and inspirational websites to help you out.

But, luckily for you, Soiree Special Events is an affordable and highly reputable full service event planning company based in New York. Equipped with years of experience with a track record to show for it.

From casual parties to extravagant weddings, Soirée creates unparalleled experiences you won’t soon forget. Give us a shout to start planning your next soiree.


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